The Place Where Style And Fitness Intersect


Hello there! My name is Ian. Other than picking things up and putting them down (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) I have love for all things stylish. I honestly don't know where my love for menswear came from but I've always loved wearing nice things and looking good. Working at the jewelry department at JCPenney, a Men's Wearhouse associate, who walks in all the time and impressed with my wardrobe selections, suggested I apply for a job there so I did. And I got it. Started as a Customer Service Associate (CSA) then worked my way up to be a  Wardrobe Consultant. That's where my style went up a few notches. Men's Wearhouse was the spring board to me taking this thing seriously, I started exploring and research menswear on my own outside of work.

This started at Stylecon 2016. Meeting cool people, sitting through the various panels, speaking with a few of the speakers and mustering up the courage to speak on camera for a testimonial, something happen, a seed was planted. I wrestled with the idea that I could blog about style too, I mean, I did work at Men's Wearhouse at the time so I must know a thing or two about style right? I came home from that weekend, super excited and jumped right into it with DA Style Guy'd on Tumblr. The DA stood for Dapper and Affordable, and the thesis behind that was showing guys how you can revamp your wardrobe with $500 or less. That was where I found my voice and realized I'm much better on camera than I am writing, I didn't know what I was doing but started something. Well that didn't last long but I kept doing Instagram videos which led to The Sartorial Nerd appealing to the stylish intellectual. That was cool but I felt my content needed to be more concentrated so after talking to a couple bloggers, I decided to niche my content into an area that came natural to me, fitness and style. I didn't want to talk much about fitness because there's a ton of fitness gurus out there but how style relates to the fitness guy and the struggles we go through trying to find clothes that compliment our physique. Thus, Fit Man Style: The Style Guide For Athletic Men.