Affordable Grooming On The Go

You have an unexpected meeting with your boss or your buddy text you to meet him at the local bar, his girlfriend's cousin is in town and wants you to meet her or you're rushing to work fighting a hangover from the previous night. Either scenario, you don't have time to go through your regular grooming routine so you need something quick and efficient. Consider carrying a grooming EDC (Every Day Carry) with your essential grooming items you can whip out at a moment's notice. No it's not a man purse, it's your very own grooming kit. EDCs come in all shapes with various purposes and the point of it is to have things in there that you might need day to day. The above pic is my grooming EDC that has come to my rescue more times than I can count. Let's explore its contents.

Chapstick. $2 CVS. - Nothing worse than having lint on your shirt, blazer or suit? Let me chew on my own words and say nothing is worse than cracked lips! In all weathers, but definitely in the fall/winter, keep a chapstick close by. It keeps you lips moisturized and ready for those moments you may have to pucker up. I think it's safe to say no girl want to kiss a guy with chapped lips.

Lint Roller. $1 Dollar Store - Nothing worse than having lint on your shirt, blazer or suit. Especially when you wear dark colors that black that make the lints pop even more. A quick swipe down will make you look brand new.

Miniature Altoids. $2 CVS - After eating that tuna sandwich or garlic bread, or even smoking your breath takes a hit. Of all the breath mints out there Altoid packs the punch you need to literally clear the air. Bad breath and smoke breath are equally repulsive in any setting, pop in one of these bad boys and speak with confidence knowing that your message will get received and it won't get distracted.

Miniature Mouthwash. $1 Dollar Store - another way to combat bad breath is to have a miniature mouthwash close by. Run to the nearest restroom, give it a quick gaggle and off you go.

Floss. $1 Dollar Store - As I am writing this blog, I am treating my taste buds to a delicious turkey sausage with cheese on a flat bread from Dunkin Donuts so I have in field data to give you. Food gets stuck in between you teeth and sometimes it's noticeable, a quick floss will get those food particles out which can be another distraction when talking.

Nail Clipper/ Brush. $1 Dollar Store - So I used to work at JCPenney at the jewelry department. Now this wasn't Zales or Tiffany's with expensive jewelery but they had a few couple thousand dollar pieces in there. It just made sense to me that if I'm going to show a customer a $600 ring the least I can do is make my hands, more specifically my fingers, presentable. So no nail biting (which is a bad habit I've been slowly weening off), clip them when they get too long, brush away any dirt underneath the nail, pretty much anything short of going to get a manicure which is starting to be more acceptable for men in present day society. One thing I always preach is presentation is key, I don't know about you but I'll be turned off if the person selling jewelry has dirt underneath their nails, I mean, I am staring at their fingers holding the piece of jewelry

Moisturizer. $3 CVS - To piggyback of the Nail Clipper suggestion and keeping your hands presentable, nobody wants to see ashy dry hands.   I've cared that idea with me everywhere I go even to the bank where I count cash and customers are staring at my hand.

Mini Toothbrush. $1 Dollar Store - Did not know these things exists! Apparently you don't need water for this, just put it in your mouth and get to brushing! Now, this isn't meant to replace your toothbrush, you still need that but this gets the job done. It even comes with ridges on the back for your tongue (cause we know that where bacteria that cause bad breath stay) and a built in toothpick.

Hand Santizer. $1 Dollar Store - Sometimes you don't have immediate access to water and soap so a hand sanitzer comes in handy. However, if you are close to a rest room, wash your hands. I'm pretty sure washing your hands kills that extra 0.01% that hand sanitizers can't seem to kill (don't they all kill 99.99% of germs).


So this is what's in my grooming EDC but on those infrequent times that I do travel, I ditch the EDC for my dopp kit, which is just another name for toiletry bag. The Dopp Kit has more bathroom ready items like my tooth brush, toothpaste, electric shaver, exfoliating cream (yes, I exfoliate, video coming soon on that!), face wash, razor and shaving cream. I wouldn't hurt to carry an EDC, not just for grooming but for life. A grooming EDC isn't a man purse or doesn't make you feminine, it's you taking a deliberate step to show the world that you give a damn about how you present yourself beyond your clothes. Besides, I think it's good manners.