A battle for the ages! Which side of history do you want to be on? Are you Team Crew Neck or Team V-Neck? Both have passionate supporters and only one will be left standing. Seriously, who knew such a common item would create such divisiveness and utter distaste for the other. I'm here to see which type best suits the fit man and I automatically go for the...........

         DISCLAIMER. Hey guys, was feeling a little bit under the weather this week so sorry for the lack of effort but I still wanted to give you guys something to chew on. Thanks!        </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"            A battle for the ages! Which side of history do you want to be on? Are you Team Crew Neck or Team V-Neck? Both have passionate supporters and only one will be left standing. Seriously, who knew such a common item would create such divisiveness and utter distaste for the other. I'm here to see which type best suits the fit man and I automatically go for the V-neck which doesn't give me an objective point of view so I had to drag someone into this debate to speak on the other side. Against my better judgement, I went down to my basement, unlocked a cement bolted caged and let it twin brother Lian. Yes I have a twin, unfortunately, and he just so happens to love crew neck t-shirts. I mean, what else would you want to wear locked up in a basement somewhere. So the battle begins for which is better for the fit man, Crew Neck vs V-Neck, Lian vs Ian.   Crew Neck Presented by Lian      






     First of all, who doesn't have a plain crew neck t-shirt? I don't care what your style is, formal or casual, EVERYBODY has a crew neck shirt. So the first point is it's easily accessible, very affordable and is a neutral clothing item that can be dressed up or down.  Want to add more bulk to your perceived look? Throw that crew neck underneath a long sleeve.   V-Neck Presented by Ian      






     Every muscular man knows the v-neck is where it's at! Not only is it unique looking, it's unique looks compliments the fit physique. Let's start with the obvious, the V shaped neck. Just like the open "V" of a button coat and the collar of your shirt, the V-neck balances and compliments your facial structure. Your face/head is the most exposed body part so you want to naturally draws attention to that part and having it balance with the rest of your outfit is great. Another great aspect to the v-neck is one with a slightly deeper v cut, you can show a little bit of man cleavage from those bench presses you've been maxing out on. As much you like them, the ladies like them too, just be sure to trim down those chest hairs. And finally, if you really want to wear it as an undershirt, because of the V shape you can do so without showing that you're wearing one. It's just not a good look seeing a crew neck t-shirt underneath a long sleeve.   Final $0.02   Bottom line is, it's all personal preference which one you go with, there is no right or wrong here(v-neck is better). What you should focus on is the fit on the shirt. Do you like it a little loose or fitted to show the muscles, both shirts can produce killer results. 

I bet you've heard of suede. Might even have some suede items in your closest right now. What I've come to realize is the average man doesn't know about suede's brother, nubuck. Hell, in all honesty, I didn't know what it was until recently. You touch a suede like item and.........

        </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"         I bet you've heard of Suede. Might even have some Suede items in your closest right now. What I've come to realize is the average man doesn't know about suede's brother, Nubuck. Hell, in all honesty, I didn't know what it was until recently. You touch a Suede like item and automatically think it's Suede or a distant thought, velvet. But Nubuck is just as common as suede, in fact, I'm willing to bet a couple of those "suede-like" items in your closest are actually Nubuck. In this blog post we are going to talk about Suede vs Nubuck, what's the difference? which one is better? which is more affordable? And  myriad of things to consider when purchasing either one.   Is There A Difference Between Suede and Nubuck?      






     Well first let's start with the one similarity; they both are made from leather. Leather comes from animal hide, cows and sheep tend to be on the more affordable end while alligator and snake are more pricey. It undergoes a chemical process which removes the hairs. What happens next is what seperates Nubuck from Suede. With Nubuck the leather is buffed on the outside which produces short fibers called naps that velvety feel. For Suede, it's the exact opposite happens, the leather is buffed on the inside still producing naps. If you are just going by touch the differences are subtle, thus people confuse Nubuck for suede. However, if you carefully run your have through both, suede has a much smoother and softer feel than Nubuck and understandably so seems it's buffed/sanded on the inside. Nubuck being sanded on the outside makes the surfaces slightly rough, still having the velvet-y feel but out of the two it is the most durable. I've noticed with my Suede shoes, they get easily scuffed and hard to clean them. An easy example of Nubuck leather are construction boots, they are made to withstand the harsh environment of construction sites even though some people wear them as a fashion statement i.e Timberland Boots.   How To Maintain Nubuck/Suede Shoes.   A quick google search will show you tons of ways to clean your Nubuck/Suede shoes. There no one right way, everybody does it different and it works for everyone. Because time is important to me and I keep things simple, here is my easy way of doing it. Because of the fibers on the shoes, you'll need a special suede brush and Nubuck brush. I tend to brush in one direction with both as opposed to back and forth with a regular leather shoe. It keeps the fibers looking smooth which in turn help the aesthetics of the shoes. For serious scuffing, I use an eraser and just rub with a little tension the area that has scuff then use the appropriate brush to brush it off. As this is just a generally overview of what Suede and Nubuck are, and given the fact that my current suede/nubuck shoes are pretty decent looking, a thorough clean up is a stand alone video so I'll wait for that to happen and break it down for yall. For now, a simple brush and eraser will suffice.   Final $0.02   So that's it guys, the differences are subtle and one might be confused for the other without careful examination. I've put together a simple chart to display the differences. Hope you find this post informative and helpful in your shopping for Nubuck/Suede.

Truth be told, I've never heard of Deo Veritas until recently. Actually, it was a fellow blogger and friend, Khoi from The Gentleman Within, who put me on to them by doing an article about them that made me curious.

        </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"            Before we start, there's a video (above) and a look book that goes with this article. Click  here .  Truth be told, I've never heard of  Deo Veritas  until recently. Actually, it was a fellow blogger and friend, Khoi from  The Gentleman Within , who put me on to them by doing an article about them that made me curious.  So imagine my surprise when I got the opportunity to work with them on a custom shirt at a time I was thinking about them and quite frankly I needed new shirts because the ones I had from my Men's Wearhouse days seem a little tight (I'd like to believe those bicep curls were paying off).  Now the Deo Veritas website claim to deliver my custom made shirt in 2 weeks to which I rolled my eyes like yea right, I know from my experience at MW that anything custom takes at least 3-4 weeks. So  I place my order placed on April 18 11:19pm, received it May 2 8:30pm(technically it was supposed to be delivered on May 1st but Fedex had a snafu that left a really bad taste in my mouth). That's less than two weeks as promised! Whoa! Ok, impressive delivery winning cool points with me, but it was time to unbox it and wear the shirt. So I did. And I wore the shirt. And.....   My Initial Reaction   ............dare I say this is the most perfect fitted shirt I own? yes indeed!!! Not only it fit perfectly, holding the shirt as I unwrapped it introduced me to the bamboo/cotton blend which makes it super soft and lightweight, perfect for the warm weather.  I've never owned anything bamboo, so that intrigued me to get that fabric which was a big gamble because I'm a creature of habit and stray away from anything "new" but I thought what the heck, try something new and I'm glad I did!  At this point if you're thinking how did this online custom made shirt company get my perfect size without having a tailor with me to take my measurements? Well let's dabble in the buying process.   Buying Process and The Details   Before you create and buy a shirt from Deo Veritas, take a look at their website and see oh easy it easy to navigate through it, which is important to me as a shopper. Heading over to the shop section where you can design a shirt (if you wish to get the bamboo cotton shirt like I have, click  here  to go right to it).     



              Here is where you start the design process.  



       Fabric    You start of first by picking out from a array of fabrics and patterns one to your liking,I'm a gingham kinda guy so I opted for that one.  It's important to note that on that particular section is where you'll see the starting price point of a shirt, $70. Depending on what fabric and pattern you choose, it goes up from there.    Collar    The next section is where you start to have fun with your shirt design.  A shirt collar should accentuate your facial structure. The English Collar is a good neutral collar so I could have gone with that but I chose the forward point collar, that best suits my oval shaped face. So identify your facial structure and choose the best collar, hey, you are making a custom shirt might as well take advantage what off the rack shirts don't offer.  Most off the rack shirts have either the narrow point collar or spread collar but Deo Veritas offers 13 different types of collars, yes I counted. So have fun, get a collar you don't see much of like mini club, but again, if that compliments your facial structure.     






       Cuffs    I opted for the two button angle cuff. Again, it's a custom shirt so you get to create something you don't much of. I haven't seen any off the rack shirts with that type of cuff.    Placket    Didn't give this part much thought, most of my shirts have a front placket, so I went with that option.    Buttons    Ok, I prefer my shirts to be simple. With sport coats, the types of buttons I could choose from is endless. Plastic is a safe bet.    Interlining    The dress shirts I own are for work and any formal engagement I may attend. I prefer my collars to be perky and firm to hold a tie or to go tie-less if I choose. With that being said, I went with the fused collar which basically means it was heated and glued together by a machine.  The other option is sewn, which is done by hand, adds to the cost and provides a much relaxed collar that I would put in the casual category.    Working at MW, I never really got taught the technical details of clothing, just how to sell so it was fun researching on things i wasn't aware of like interlining and growing my knowledge in menswear. I found this blog post at Deo Veritas  website  very helpful.    Monogram       



              If you like it you should put you name on it.  



     THE PART I WAS WAITING FOR! This is the cherry on top of anything custom, putting your name on it! You can put up to 3 letters on your shirt, now I had the choice of putting my initials on there A.I.R ( my full name is Ayodele Ian Riley, and yes it spells AIR) or just IAN, I chose the latter.  The position of the monogram was obvious, sleeves of course. Placing it on my chest would seem like a company shirt (an awesome company shirt but didn't want that) and placing it in the collar won't be seen my anyone. I wanted it to to not be easily conspicuous (chest) but still noticeable in close interaction.  I have cuff links with my initials A.I.R on it in a diamond shape and I believe it's industry standard to have your last initial enlarged in the middle so it looked like A.R.I, Deo Veritas didn't specify that would be the case with the diamond. I don't quite like the diamond shape based from that experience so I stayed safe and went with transcript.    No Fabric Contrast  - no need for it    Fit    Alright so here is where the magic takes place. There are 4 ways to go about this:  1)   Standard Sizing   - This is where you enter basic info you know off the top of your head like height, weight, neck size and sleeve length from the shirts you already have. Quick, easy, done.     






     2)   Q-Sizing   - hmmm, wasn't sure about this one. All you have to do is answer 8 simple questions like age, height, weight, etc and they'll have your measurements.  Not sure if this is right for the athletic man since we fall under three types of body types Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph, with distinct body size differences. The reason why I prefer The Existing Shirt method is because you already have a shirt you love and you can get precise measurements from it like the waist and bottom according to your physique.  This option doesn't offer measurements for those areas that can be crucial to the fit man. Who knows, maybe my next Deo Veritas shirt I'll go with this option.  3)   Existing Shirt Sizing   - This is the option I chose. There is one shirt I have that is my absolute favorite (up until I received my Deo Veritas custom of course) that I used to measure the required measurements need for this section. It was a JCPenney shirt that I had tailored at Men's Wearhouse and it fits right.  The beautiful thing about this section is they virtually hold your hand and show you through picture how to measure the required measurements with a tape.  If you're going this route, use a shirt that you love. Can't go wrong here! Hey, it worked for me  4)   Body Sizing   - Similar to the Existing Shirt method, with this option you records the measurements according to you body size. This is the traditional way of taking measurements where a tailor does the measuring for you.  You can go to a Men's Wearhouse have a tailor record the necessary measurements Deo Veritas is requesting and give to you (for free btw), or you can grab your mom, dad, bro, sis, grandma if she's up for it and have them measure you. This one can be the most accurate measurement of them all because your size is being recorded at that present moment (we all know our body change frequently from our fitness routine) but you're going to need assistance.  That section shows some measurements you can do by yourself but I'd rather have someone do it for me, I didn't  and also didn't want to drive to MW (they were closed by 11 o'clock anyway), so that's why I went with option 2.    Confirm    Go over the details of your custom carefully, make sure it is exactly what you want, how you want it, you're going to spend more than you would on an average shirt so get your money's worth.  The ending price of mine was $135 so you better believe I was going over everything twice, three times, four times etc. Then boom, make the payment and wait! Over at the Look Book section, I screen shot the details of my order.   Why Is This Perfect For Athletic Guys      






     Now this is the meat and potatoes of this blog post because relates directly to you, the fit athletic man. Why should you care? What makes this better than off the rack shirts? Allow me to expound.  As I write this part of the blog, I'm actually wearing the shirt, giving you real time data. Fit and comfort are what I look for in clothing. The majority of off the rack dress shirts have a sturdy rigged feel to it, making it uncomfortable at times for us athletic men to move. With the Deo Veritas bamboo shirt, I can feel a bit of stretch to it as I count money (I work at a bank), cross my arms, drive, or any active movement outside of the gym. So that's a big plus.  Oh you want more wiggle room for your broad shoulders, back and chest? Cool, a DV custom shirt comes with a split yoke which pretty much is two of the same fabrics being woven together at an angle giving the upper back of a shirt a "split" look. The angle at which it is sown simulates a sloped shoulder giving you more room than the standard single yoke found in off the rack dress shirts.  Oh wait, you're a mesomorph (like me) or an endomorph and you want more wiggle room? Well the box pleats found at the back of the shirt gives you that extra room you need. Just like pleats on slacks give your muscular quads room  to move(I recommend pleated pants for men like me with a sizable quads), so do pleats on shirts. The more pleats the more room to move.  So you have the stretch of the bamboo fabric, split yoke and box pleats to accommodate your large upper body and the movements associated with that and if you accurately put in the measurements of your favorite shirt in the buying process section, you'll have the lower torso of the shirt tailored right. Perfecto!    Final $0.02   You might be thinking "hey Ian, awesome blog post, made some great points but I don't know about spending that much on a shirt, I mean it's just a shirt" Ok, I hear ya but let me handle that objection from a different angle. I've worn a $20 shirt and I've worn a $135 shirt and trust me there's a difference. Remember what I said about fit and comfort? Those are very important to us athletic men, you've worked hard to chisel your body that can rival the greek gods, you deserve to wear something that fits comfortably. Let's quickly go through the benefits of paying extra.  Firstly, Off the rack shirts are mass produced meaning they are made for the average size guy that is very common in the masses. You are not average in physique. Secondly, which department store will repair or fix the size of your shirt? For free? Having worked at JCPenney and Men's Wearhouse, none do but Deo Veritas does. Thirdly, when was the last time you wore anything bamboo? Fourthly(can I say that? Is that even a word?) Split yoke. I can't stress how much of a game changer that is to us men who have broad backs, Deo Veritas definitely set the bar of this one.  Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. Quality costs what it costs, and it's worth the investment.  Thanks for reading, once again the Look Book can be found  here .

'Tis the season! Well technically folks get married all year round but everybody and their mama seem to get married in the summer. I don't blame them, warmer weather, flowers blooming, birds chirping...

        </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"                'Tis the season! Well technically folks get married all year round but everybody and their mama seem to get married in the summer. I don't blame them, warmer weather, flowers blooming, birds chirping, I mean, who wouldn't want to get married in this season?!?! If you aren't the bride and groom, it is also time to dress up and look your best! Unfortunately, women tend to take this opportunity more serious than men. When I was working at Men's Wearhouse, guys would literally have to get dragged in by their significant other to pick out a wedding outfit, and left on their own, they would rather go in 'Viva Las Vegas' T-shirt and jeans even if it's their best friend's wedding. That's where I would come in as a wardrobe consultant and guide them (specifically the woman, she controls his wallet anyway) through the process of what to wear, types of fabrics, sizes, shoes, etc. Think about it, she's going dressed up and you want to show up like it was another day you and your buddy were going to the bar? Nah, truthfully, she wants to show you off to everybody that her man can be suited and booted too. So drawing from my past experiences at MW, I've put together a few tips for the fit man to look dappered down at a wedding.  In a recent post,  Contextual Style , I spoke about how Mother Nature and the social environment plays a role in what you wear so let's unpack that idea. Mother Nature (summer), social environment (wedding), what would be important things to consider when picking out your outfit? Comfort. Loose. Cool(literally). All under the umbrella of being stylish, so let's dissect this even further with some tips and illustrations.   Comfort.      






     Alright, you're kinda meeting your significant other half way here. You want to look decent but not all the way dressed up, cool. How about the vest and pants combo? Not too formal or too casual, sort of in that sweet spot. As I walk around in these sartorial streets, I don't see much gents wearing these, they are on extremes of either suiting up or cargo pants it up. So what a fantastic way to thread the lines of formality without fully committing to it! Add an extra flair to it by rolling up your sleeves, not only those it show off your forearms but it accentuates those biceps you've been beasting at the gym. I always recommend getting a three piece to any first time suit buyer who won't be buying more suits after this any time soon. The versatility of options you get from it makes it seem like you have more than one outfit from the entire three piece look, to the jacket and pants combo, pants and dress shirt combo, jacket and jean/different color slacks/chinos combo, jacket, vest and jean/different color slacks/chinos combo and of course...........the vest and pant combo.   Loose.   Ok, you still want to be comfortable and casual but your mom keeps telling you how cute you look in a suit. Very well, let's appease her without sacrificing what you want. Let's try to combine a casual clothing item with a formal one, polo shirt and suit. Wait, what? You can wear polo shirts with suits? You sure can with dapper finesse. Admittedly, I saw another style enthusiast wear this and figured let me try it out and it works! The average guy isn't thinking about combining the two so what a way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It's a great summer look, I'd go with bright summer colors for the polo and a neutral color like grey or navy blue for the suit. The polo shirt is naturally constructed to be loose around your torso and of course you won't wear a tie with it giving it more breathability. Of course when it gets really hot or you want to show your dance moves at the reception, you can take the jacket off and show those pythons with the polo. I heard weddings are great places to meet singles :hint, hint: Add a nice pair of loafers and a spring/summer time pocket square and you my friend will own the "sophisticasual" look.     






         Cool   So you want to be the cool cat at the wedding huh? And I mean that literally, it's a summer wedding you don't want to get too hot and with your luck the wedding day falls on a day the meteorologist says it's the hottest day recorded in history. Ok maybe some hyperbole there, the point is, it's going to be hot and you need to keep cool. The two suggestions above are great for hot weather climate but may I introduce something many men may not be thinking of, or if they are they shy away from it:  linen . I was one of those guys who avoided linen mainly because of the wrinkles and rough texture, but those aesthetics are what draw me to it nowadays. Maybe it's because of my love for sprezzatura, a non nonchalant way of being stylish hence the wrinkles and not being "well put together". The main reason I recommend linen is because it's a loosely woven fabric therefore creating breathability so air can pass through not leaving you a hot mess, literally. I'm slowly embracing linen with two sport coats, not yet ready for a full linen suit, no linen shirts yet even though that can be a possible option to wear to a wedding. Bottom line is, linen is contextually appropriate, accentuating your style to be different from the rest because trust me, a lot of guys ain't wearing linen for the lack of knowledge about it or the aforementioned reasons why I avoid it.     






      Final $0.02   I have a personal rule of thumb when it comes to weddings, you don't have to follow this, it's just me. My rule of thumb is: it's not your day, so don't dress in a way that makes you stand out and all the attention goes to you. The groom won't appreciate that and the bride DEFINITELY won't appreciate that (after all, it's technically her day, women plan this date from birth! The groom just has to show up). There is dignity in simplicity, no need to go overboard and over dress yet avoid the other extreme by showing up like you don't give a damn about how you look. To quote a menswear stylist I follow on Instagram,  Jason Locust , "Dress outstanding, don't dress to stand out", couldn't have said that better.  This blog post is also accompanied by a look book that you can find by clicking  here

This style journey is a long one. For me, there isn't any specific destination but the goal is to be better than I was before. Without a destination it forces me to always be a student of the game, constantly learning, constantly tweaking.....

        </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"         This style journey is a long one. For me, there isn't any specific destination but the goal is to be better than I was before. Without a destination it forces me to always be a student of the game, constantly learning, constantly tweaking and experimenting my style. I don't want to fall victim to having "arrived" and act cocky like I wasn't dressing out of place when I first started this journey. There are guys (one of whom inspired the idea of this post,  Tanner Guzy ) out there that I look up to, listen to and yes I read their blogs because they are more advanced in this journey than I am and there's always some nugget to be learned. With that being said I've also traveled quite a distance in this style journey enough to speak on this topic and give you my experiences and opinions.   What Is Contextual Style?   Ok, I had my own definition of it but I decided to google it to see if there was a more professional sounding definition. Well, there wasn't. It seem like a no brainer, there must have been some style blogger who has used the term before, right? There wasn't even those words together anywhere. Could I be the first to coin the phrase and define it? So what does it mean Ian? I'm glad you asked. When I first thought it i defined it as  dressing in accordance to the context you're in . See? Simple and to the point. No fancy wording or crazy formula. Context just means your surroundings for example Ian at work with co workers is different from Ian in Vegas with his frat brothers, same guy different context and I just learn to adapt to the context I'm in. So I want to tackle this in terms of style and your surroundings and three areas I want us to dabble in. Let's begin.   Assess Your Environment   If you are familiar with Tanner Guzy (if not, simply youtube his videos and be enlightened) you know he gets into the psychology of what we wear. This past Stylcon 2017, he gave a presentation about this very thing and mentioned how when some guys start out dressing well they sometimes go all the way left field with it and just dress like that everywhere. It got me thinking when I first started revamping my wardrobe thanks to my job at Men's Wearhouse. I would go to work with a suit and tie or sportcoat, do my thing and if I had to stop by the store, or a friend's house I wouldn't change. I would waltz in there with my suit and bowtie like it was the most normal thing to do. It may have been back in the 40s and 50s but in present day America, society has a much laid back feel to it. It would have cost me nothing to lose the tie and jacket and roll up my sleeves after work. C'mon, if I was going to my homeboy's house after work, I didn't need to be suited and booted just because I work at Men's Wearhouse. I deserved the funny looks and slick comments I got from them, who did I think I was and what was I trying to prove? That I was a fly motherf@#$^? Not worth it bro. You can still dress casually and be respected for your sense of style. Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it. As I evolve I'm starting to see this. I would wear a plain crew neck t-shirt and chinos and still be complimented on my style. You wouldn't wear a suit to a pool party would you? Yea that's an extreme but it doesn't negate the fact that a poor assessment of the environment you're about to enter will make you stand out in a bad way. Jaygats, a popular stylist on instagram, says his mentor once told him "dress outstanding, don't dress to stand out" True words to live by.   Understand Your Fabrics   Style and comfort go hand in hand. Not only does that fit of what you wear affect your comfort but the fabric too. Can you imagine wearing tweed in the summer or seersucker in the fall? I've made the erroneous mistake of wearing my wool sport coats in the summer and wondered why I felt so hot. Contextual style when it comes to fabrics is knowing the types of fabrics that are best for each season.  Silks, linen, seersucker and cotton are best for warmer climates because they are loosely woven therefore allowing more breathability, nothing worse than looking fly but being hot and sweaty. Likewise, the wools, tweeds, corduroys are best for colder climates since they are tightly woven and help contain your body heat. For the most part, guys just know about cotton and wool, maybe silks which limits the options for comfort. I'm just starting to appreciate linen and the wrinkle look that comes with it. Alot of people shy away from it because of that but I think that's the whole point to linen. To be honest, I don't see the everyday man wearing linen or seersucker. I generally see that from style aficionados so perhaps there is a general  lack of knowledge of these types of fabrics. Even the heavier ones like corduroy aren't seen much and if you do it's by the more seasoned gentleman. Bottom line is understanding fabrics is not only beneficial to your style journey and knowledge but also allows you top adapt to the whims of mother nature.   Know Your Peer Group.   Sort of goes hand in hand with assessing your environment because knowing your peer group is based on the environment you're in. Knowing how to seperate your professional and personal relationships and how to dress according to who's around shows style maturity. This is where you can come off as a straight douche to your buddies, if you come around them all the time with a suit and tie. I saw an interesting quote recently that read "fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it", alot of us including myself, when we start revamping our wardrobe assume style iss when you are dappered down but in reality you can be stylish with a V-neck shirt, shorts and boat shoes chilling at your buddy's house gathering. I went to an off site company meeting at a local resort once, my initial reaction was to ditch the tie and sport coat and go business casual with a button down shirt and slacks. Thank goodness I didn't because everyone there was in a suit and tie and I would have been out of place if I had gone how I initially felt. Besides, it's easier to dress down, had I gone in a suit and tie and everyone else was more casual, it cost me nothing to lose the jacket and tie and probably roll my sleeves. Intuitively knowing your peer group or simply asking what the dress code will be will help you dress more contextually and not be out of place.   Final $0.02   Style maturity. That's it. It gives you the confidence to be presentable in any given situation. The world sees you, your peers see you and may be secretly inspired to revamp their wardrobe. You adapt to the situations life throws your way, your style shouldn't be any different. The journey continues.....